Matchadevil on matcha and the art of drinking tea

Matchadevil on matcha and the art of drinking tea

After falling in love with her matcha infused feed and recipes we were lucky to connect with blogger and creator @matchadevil! Today she talks us through her love for matcha and what the matcha ritual means to her!

MU: Tell us about matchadevil!

MD: Hi, I am Matchadevil who come from Hong Kong. I have worked on this instagram account for seven years. My main purpose for being matcha blogger is that simply sharing and recording what I ate and drank and then wrote reviews honestly. 

MU: How did you fall in love with matcha?

MD: Ten years ago, when I first travelled to Uji in Japan . I attended a lesson about “chado” (tea ceremony). This was my first time drank a traditional matcha. The umami flavour with strong astringent made me very being impressed. That was the reason why I fell in love with matcha suddenly.

MU: What’s your favourite way to enjoy matcha?

MD: My favourite way to enjoy matcha is that drinking a matcha latte with umami flavour and nice latte art on it at a chill and relaxing atmosphere.

MU: What does the matcha ritual mean to you?

MD: Matcha ritual is an aesthetic ritual in which matcha is prepared and then enjoyed, not by only tasting it but also by appreciating the art of drinking matcha or green tea.

MU: Do you have any other rituals?

MD: The traditional tea gatherings and using a tea bowl to enjoy matcha are also some rituals for me.

MU: How do you stay balanced?

MD: Drinking a matcha everyday in the morning can make me feel”genki” (元気) to start my day and feel well-balanced in life.

MU: If you could have matcha with anyone?

MD: Since matcha is not really common or popular in Europe, I would like to share and show how to taste a good matcha drink to everyone around me.

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