Interview: Marina Lukoschat

Interview: Marina Lukoschat

Today we explore wellness with German model Marina from Düsseldorf. She is a certified Yoga teacher (we loved following her live classes during the lockdown) and likes to discover and travel the world. She is an advocate for the plant-based diet but believes that its all about balance in life. 

MU: What are you passionate about?

ML: I loooove yoga and doing sports, I simply enjoy moving my body. I also love to read (mostly spiritual and self-improvement books) , to write and different mindfulness practices like meditation.

MU: What’s the most fulfilling part about what you do?
ML: I work as a model which allows me to travel a lot and get to know myself on a deeper level as I’m often alone because of my travels.

I also work a yoga teacher and it makes me very happy to see when people feel better in their body and mind because of my yoga class.

MU: What title do you give this chapter in your life and why?
ML: I would name it “Becoming”, because I invest a lot of time in myself and I feel like I’m transforming everyday a little bit more.

MU: What does wellness means for you?
ML: It means to take care of my body, mind and spirit and doing something good for myself.

MU: What is a wellness trend that you recently discovered and you can’t live without?
ML: Nothing particular, but it’s very important for me to write and meditate every day.


MU: What or whom inspires you?
ML: People who go their own way and follow their heart, no matter what other people think, just by doing that they inspire me to do the same.

MU: How do you stay balanced?
ML: Yoga, meditation, going in nature and eating healthy nutritious food.

MU: What are your top three wellness tips?
1. Move your body everyday even if it’s just a little

2. Clean and wash your face every night before you go to sleep

3. Take time to be with yourself every day (Solitude time)


"Move your body everyday
even if it’s just a little."

MU: If you could be any superfood which one would it be and why?
ML: I would be a Blueberry :))) because they taste amazing, are full of antioxidants and are great for your brain. (Brain Berries) 

MU: What’s your favorite MU product and how do you use it?
ML: 15% CBD because of its anti-inflammatory properties and relaxation.

I usually put it under my tongue before sleeping, it helps me a lot to get a restful sleep.



Photographs by @marinaluk

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