Interview: Minh Anh • Emma

Interview: Minh Anh • Emma

In our latest interview of our series we meet Vietnamese student and content creator Minh Anh (Emma) who is based in Poland. Although she is studying Economics, she has a strong passion for food, from cooking it , baking it to eating it (and we totally agree - who doesn’t :)! ). Her dream is to open a cafe and bakery of her own and she tells us how she stays balanced in the pursuit of working toward it.

MU: What are you passionate about?

E: I love cooking/baking and sharing my food with others. Sharing is caring and that is how i show my love to my family and friends.

MU: What’s the most fulfilling part about what you do?

E: I think it is quite simple - being able to enjoy every moment of life with my loved ones while i still can.

MU: What title do you give this chapter in our life and why?

E: “Turning point” - Because I’m about to graduate from university soon and there will be exciting adventures and journeys ahead of me. Also i feel more responsible for my life now as a grownup.

MU: What does wellness mean to you?

E: To me, wellness is the practice of self-care and self-love. You can not live your best life if you can not treasure yourself. 

"To me, wellness is the practice of self-care and self-love. You can not live your best life if you can not treasure yourself."

MU: What is a wellness trend that you recently discovered and can’t live without?

E: Meditation. I have been meditating since the pandemic started and I feel better. Through meditation i learnt how to breathe mindfully and it does help me sleep better. Now i can fall asleep in just few seconds :))

MU: What or whom inspires you?

E: My mom :) she is the most amazing women in the world and i love her so much. She inspires me everyday to be a kind, diligent, and better person.

MU: How do you stay balanced?

E: When things get stressful for me, I often turn off my phone and take a long walk. I think being in nature helps me relax and allows me to think thoroughly.

MU: What are your top 3 wellness tips?


1. Exercise

2. Good sleep

3. Being in natur

MU: If you could be any superfood which one would you be and why?

E: I think I would like to be an Oatmeal haha. I eat oatmeals for breakfast almost every day. Oats are low in calories, rich in fiber and you can eat them with anything. ;)

MU: What’s your favourite MU product and how do you use it?

My favorite is definitely the matcha premium grade. It is so versatile and easy to blend. I usually make latte and oatmeals with matcha. And I just love it. (You can check out one of her matcha recipes here)


Photographs by @emmas_sleepyoven

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