Latticia Agunpopo on Her Journey as an Entrepreneur: From Passion to Business

Latticia Agunpopo on Her Journey as an Entrepreneur: From Passion to Business

Latticia Organics is not just any skincare brand. It's a brand that's all about embracing a holistic and natural approach to skincare. They're known for creating top-quality, pure, and natural skincare products that do more than just help you achieve healthy skin. Their products are formulated with multi-use and multi-benefit properties that will have you feeling like you've hit the skincare jackpot!

But what makes Latticia Organics so special? It all starts with the founder herself - Latticia. She was once just like you and me, struggling with skincare products that were not giving her the results she wanted. That's when she decided to take matters into her own hands and create something that would work for her. 

Now, running a business is no easy feat, especially when you're also a busy mother. So, how does Latticia do it all? Let's unlock her secrets to maintain a busy life.


MU: What inspired you to start a business?

LA: Two things inspired me; one my own skin troubles and two when my son was born, he had eczema. These pushed me to launch my first product which is my best-selling Whipped Ritual Shea Souffle Moisturiser.

MU: What do you like about being an entrepreneur?

LA: I love the flexibility, the creative control, and also in real-life events and workshops. That literary keeps me going every single day.

MU: As a mother and a business owner, do you have any tips for multi-tasking?

LA: To balance a lot of things, I use Notion. Professional, personal, and business, everything goes into my Notion so that I am on top of everything. This allows me to dedicate enough time to the things I have going on.

MU: What do you do to stay motivated?

LA: I want Latticia Organics to be a global wellness and beauty brand and I haven't achieved that yet. So that keeps me going.

MU: When do you feel the most relaxed?

LA: Having my hands in my hair and scalp makes me super relaxed. I love to watch YouTube videos while I wash my hair.

MU: Three things you cannot live without.

LA: 1. Ritual Shea Souffle Mostriser, I use it every single day to moisturise my skin, my body, cuticles, my elbows, and anywhere that needs a bit of love. 2. My glow balm. It makes my skin glowy and gorgeous. Also... I cannot live without... cheesecake... I don't want to imagine the world without it.

MU: What is your favourite way to enjoy Matcha Union?

LA: I love to have my matcha with oat milk! I also like adding cinnamon. I cannot have coffee in the afternoon, so I love to go for matcha as an alternative to coffee. I can get the energy to get things done without JITTERS!


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