Matchamisù with @coffinterior

Matchamisù with @coffinterior

In the world of desserts, tiramisu holds a special place in many hearts, blending the bold flavors of coffee with the creamy richness of mascarpone cheese. Today, we're thrilled to share a unique twist on this classic treat that's sure to delight matcha enthusiasts and dessert lovers alike: Matchamisù.

Crafted with the vibrant hues and healthful benefits of matcha, this Matchamisù recipe by @coffinterior brings a refreshing take to the traditional Italian dessert. Whether you're a matcha aficionado or new to its charms, this dessert is a must-try that promises to become a beloved favorite.

Ingredients for Matchamisù:

  • For the Tiramisù Cream:

    • 1 egg yolk
    • 2 eggs
    • 100g sugar
    • 1 tsp vanilla extract
    • 500g mascarpone

  • For the Matcha Soak:

  • Ladyfingers

  • Extra matcha powder for dusting

Let's Make Matchamisù:

  1. Prepare the Cream: Begin by whisking together the egg yolk, eggs, sugar, and vanilla extract until smooth. Gently fold in the mascarpone cheese until you have a creamy, homogeneous mixture. Set aside.

  2. Brew the Matcha: Mix Matcha Union Matcha Powder with warm water, whisking/stirring until fully integrated. Allow it to cool slightly—this will be your ladyfinger soak.

  3. Layer it Up: Dip ladyfingers one at a time into the brewed matcha, ensuring they're soaked but not overly soggy. Arrange a layer of these matcha-soaked ladyfingers at the bottom of your serving dish.

  4. Cream it On: Spread half of the matcha mascarpone mixture over the first layer of ladyfingers. Follow this with another layer of soaked ladyfingers, and then another layer of the cream.

  5. Chill: Cover your dish and refrigerate for at least 4 hours, allowing the flavors to meld and the dessert to set.

  6. Serve with a Dusting: Just before serving, sift a light dusting of Matcha Union Matcha Powder over the top for a beautiful finish and a hint of matcha flavor.

Bon appétit!

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