From Bean to Bar: Meet our Matcha Chocolate!

From Bean to Bar: Meet our Matcha Chocolate!

We have your matcha for the mornings and afternoon but what if you need a pick me up in between? Wonder no more, your new favourite snack is here! 

Our Premium Matcha Chocolate combines the most sought after flavour of the west, the Venezuelan cacao bean, with the highly revered tea of the east, the Japanese Matcha. This unique blend perfectly balances the vegetal notes of Matcha with the subtle sweetness and velvety texture of chocolate. Experience a treat that raises the bar.

It is vegan, free from nuts, dairy, gluten and refined sugars and has only 5 ingredients... let's take a closer look!

Our 5 Ingredients:

  • Pure Cacao Butter: This smooth butter is raw and cold-pressed from our Sur de Lago cacao beans. It adds velvety texture to the chocolate and boost it with anti-inflammatory properties. Cacao Butter is rich in Vitamin E (benefits your vision, brain, skin and blood health) and may improve cardiovascular and bone health. 

  • Coconut Sugar: This natural and plant-based sweetener keeps your blood sugar in check because it contains a small amount of inulin, a soluble fibre that regulates blood sugar spikes. This means your blood glucose and energy levels remain higher for longer. 

  • Rice Powder: White chocolate bars are commonly made using milk powder. In the quest to create a vegan bar we looked at a couple of alternatives - rice, coconut and cashew. Rice powder turned out to be a low calorie choice that is gluten free and packed with protein and fibre to keep you happily fulfilled - for longer!

  • Premium Matcha: We used our easy-to-blend grade from Shizuoka to make this chocolate. It adds sweet vegetal notes and an abundance of antioxidants and nutrients to this bar giving you a healthy glow of happiness and constant flow of energy and focus.

  • Lots of Love - Thats it!

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