Choosing the best Matcha

Choosing the best Matcha

Our mission is to bring you the best matcha in the most direct and authentic way. So how exactly did we go about doing this?

Simple: sampling after sampling, sips after sips.

What to look for:


The colour of matcha depends on which leaves are used for the powder and how they are processed. The first flush of leaves are of highest quality and grow the slowest in the shade after the plant has hibernated in the winter.  These leaves have higher levels of chlorophyll (which makes the matcha vibrant dark green) and amino acids (specially L-theanine) which maximise the detoxifying benefits and sweeten the taste. Avoid those grey or yellowish powders that are often sold by mass producers.


The taste should be very smooth, rich with a full body, and little bitterness (a common misconception of matcha). You will find it delicately grassy and with a rounded sweetness to it.


After whisking, the layer of foam should be uniform and the bubbles small. Just because it froths easily doesn’t always mean it’s better - but it’s definitely pleasing to the eye and palette. Make sure the temperature of the water is not too hot (maximum 85 degrees) and that the matcha to water ratio (approx. 1/2 tsp to 50ml) is correct to achieve your best serving.

Why at MATCHA UNION do we offer two matchas?

We created the Premium Grade to achieve the best natural taste, while being catered specifically for matcha lattes. No added sugar. No sifting needed. No clumps and full of flavour.

Our Ceremonial Grade uses 1st-harvest leaves, the most tender leaves from the farms of Uji, Kyoto- Japan’s most ancient city. It is best suited for the ceremonial style of drinking matcha with just water.

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