Jane Marle on Business and Wellness

Jane Marle on Business and Wellness

House of Jiriki was founded by entrepreneur Jane Marle. After spending her early career working in the fashion industry and struggling with burn out, Jane realised how easy it is to get caught in the rat race and forget to take the time to restore and reset. Knowing the impact that these small but powerful moments had on her ability to harness her own happiness, Jane became passionate about helping others do the same.

Proud to be part of her latest wellness box edition we had to chat with this girl boss about her business and wellness ideas!

MU: Tell us about House of Jiriki?
JM: House of Jiriki exists to create a world where everyone makes room for self-care and self-love. We believe life is never too busy to find balance.
In an always on world, it can be hard finding time to rest and recharge. But making time for yourself is essential to a happier, healthier life. Our vision is to create a world where as much value is placed on being balanced as there is on being busy.

House of Jiriki is a collection of experience boxes that bring the balance and serenity of a wellness retreat, right to your door. Now you don’t need to worry about scheduling in self-care – we give you all the tools you need to making rebalancing part of your routine. Our boxes blend together guided rituals, intuitively curated products and mindful experiences that help you find moments of calm and build your own spiritual home made of small bricks of positivity every day.

MU: What does wellness mean to you?

JM: Wellness to me is when our 3 houses (body, mind, soul) are balanced! At HOJ, we call it “The Science of Balance”.

Our body, mind and soul work together to create our overall wellbeing and it is scientific fact. Research reveals we have three separate neural pathway networks, leading to the head, the gut and the heart, called the 3 “brains”. Here we call them the 3 “houses” and they are all capable of controlling how we think, feel and react.

Here is the BF (Balance Formula):
Healthy body (keeps us well & dynamic) + Healthy mind (keeps us focused & motivated) + Healthy soul (keeps us at peace & content) = Love & wellbeing

MU: How do you curate the experiences and brands?
JM: I’ve always been about more soul, less stuff and especially with House of J: everything we do, everything we say, everything we include in our boxes and consultations is designed with intention. We live by the value that everything we do should leave the world better than we found it. Whether that means offering people gifts and rituals that help them live a more balanced life, or making sure all of our packaging is as sustainable as it is beautiful. That’s why we are mindful of our impact at every stage of development - from the smallest bits like the packaging tape we use, through to the big things like the brands we partner with.
Via House of Jiriki, I can share my own ethics and values:
I am proud to source wellbeing products created by ethical independent UK brands. I am only sourcing brands that do good not only for our body, our mind and our soul but also for our Planet, whether it is by using recyclable materials, producing locally in small quantities or by working with natural and organic ingredients. It’s important to me that all the brands I source are ethical, both in the way they produce and with the people working with them who make the brand possible. Many House of J brands give back to charities and organisations globally or practice inclusive hiring within their supply chains.
MU: What inspired you to partner with us – Matcha Union?

JM: I believe Matcha Union and House of J was such a good match, we had to partner! We share the same values, mission and ethics. And their Matcha is such of high quality, we couldn’t offer any less to our customers. I love the combo we picked for our Autumn box: the Ceremonial Matcha & the whisk!

MU: How do you drink your matcha?
JM: My partner got me an ice cream maker for my birthday! So I’ve been making matcha ice cream the whole Summer, it’s sooo good I can’t stop. Otherwise, I love it as a frappé. I guess I’m more a cold matcha person!

MU: What or whom inspires you?
JM: Strong female figures that are not afraid to unleash all aspects of their being. From pop-stars to political figures I find the courage of being authentic in a hyper constructed society extremely inspiring. 

MU: What does a typical workday look like for you?

JM: It starts with a good breakfast, I’m not the kind of person to rush this one, I actually probably take an hour to fully enjoy it, take time to brew a nice cup of tea and really relax before the day gets hectic. Then, I’m not very creative in the morning so I usually do admins, email people, etc, ... After lunch, I have my 5 minutes meditation just to keep my mind quiet before starting work again. In the afternoon, I work on all the creative stuff like editing videos, shooting products, creating IG posts and newsletters, as well as looking for some ethical and inspiring wellbeing brands! And finally I would finish my day quite late with a hot bath & relaxing salts or going to the gym to release any tensions I have accumulated during the day.

MU: What is your favourite wellness ritual?

JM: I love a nice healing sound bath! Or practicing self-reiki at home when I need it.

MU: 3 tips for aspiring wellness entrepreneurs?


- Make sure you’re 100% aligned with what you do
- Make sure you love it, almost as a passion because it’s not easy every day
- Make sure to ask for help and advice whenever you need

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