Interview: Hourea on sustainability in life + business

Interview: Hourea on sustainability in life + business

Meet Hourea, our dear friend, founder of Artizaans and all-around inspirational human. We chat with her about sustainability in life and her new business. 

MU: What is Artizaan's mission? 

H: Our mission is to source artisanal gems from around the world and showcase the beautiful craft and culture behind each unique piece.

We are a brand set out to showcase the talents and hard work of artisans from all around the world, whilst making you discover unique and one of a kind items that make you stand out! 

MU: How do you find the artisans that you work with?

H: Most of them I have met personally during my travels throughout the years. Artizaans has been in the making for just over 10 years, it is a concept and dream that I have had for many years and has slowly grown as I have travelled, met with and purchased from artisans from around the world! My friends also share with me their findings and hidden gems as they know how passionate I am about this!

MU: Which sustainable pioneer inspires you / what are some sustainable brands that you love? 

H: I am very inspired by all the ethical and sustainable brands which work with artisans to create beautiful pieces that are unique and full of history, brands such as Zyne official, Ballen, YoSuzi, and Zazi vintage to name a few.

MU: What motivated you to create a sustainable business? / How did your sustainability journey begin?

H: Sustainability and conscious consumption is so ingrained in what we are doing that I barely even think about it such as I am creating a sustainable business. It feels more like I am creating a business ..and of course it is sustainable. How can it not be in this time and age? It is not enough to just be a sustainable brand, I feel you have to have a valid business and brand, and sustainability should be a given.
Sustainability and conscious consumption is deeprooted in everything we do at Artizaan. 

It firstly starts with the production of the items all of which are made by hand, with love and care - rather than mass produced. This allows us to support the livelihood of the local communities around the world. Second, they are all made using ancestral techniques all of which historically use the natural materials of the region. Finally, the pieces are timeless rather than trend-driven - a kimono bought today can still be worn 50 years from now. Style never goes out of fashion! 

MU: What is your advice for someone who wants to shop more sustainably? 

H: Ask yourself if you really need something. And if the answer is still yes, ask yourself if this is the best version of the item/garment/beauty/food. Less is more. Consume less but of better quality. Be present in the moment, be appreciative and fully enjoy what you are using, wearing, applying or eating. This also helps slow things down, you start taking the time to perform your tasks, to eat your meals, to choose your outfits, ...

It’s about making less but better choices. The better you treat yourself, the better you will want to treat your space, your home, your planet. 

"It’s about making less but better choices. The better you treat yourself, the better you will want to treat your space, your home, your planet."

MU: How do you think business owners' mindsets and actions need to change to protect our planet?

H: If you are just embarking on your entrepreneurial journey, then you have the chance to weave sustainability into your business and actions from day one. Hopefully what you are working on is built on strong values and ethics and will seamlessly integrate into a green and clean lifestyle. If however it is not, then ask yourself if this is indeed the right thing to do for you, for the consumers and for the planets. Perhaps there is something you can change and improve so it becomes more environmentally-friendly. Perhaps you can source your materials more ethically, or package your products more sustainably? Truly challenge yourself so that you make the right decisions. Oftentimes, they’re not the easiest! 

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