Avocado Matcha Smoothie

Avocado Matcha Smoothie

When it comes to eating healthy, it can be challenging to find snacks and meals that are both nutritious and delicious. But what if we told you that you can have it all in one delicious smoothie? Introducing our Matcha Avocado Smoothie – the perfect combination of healthy and tasty!

Made with high-quality matcha powder, creamy avocado, and a blend of other wholesome ingredients, our smoothie is the ultimate breakfast beverage that will leave you feeling energized and satisfied. With its smooth and velvety texture and vibrant green color, it's not only delicious to drink but also beautiful to look at.

So why settle for a boring bowl of cereal or a sugary candy when you can indulge in a Matcha Avocado Smoothie instead? Plus, our recipe is quick and easy to make, so you can enjoy a healthy and satisfying breakfast/snack without spending too much time in the kitchen.

Don't wait any longer to try our Matcha Avocado Smoothie – your taste buds (and your body) will thank you for it!


Prep Time: 3 min | Total Time: 5 min  Servings: 1 servings



  • 1 tsp of MU Ceremonial Matcha Powder
  • 1/2 of a ripe avocado
  • 1 cup (240ml) of milk or dairy-free milk (We like almond oat milk)
  • 1/2 cup of frozen mango
  • 1/2 cup of frozen banana

Optional: 1tbsp of honey or maple syrup



1. Put all the ingredients above in a blender.

2. Blend them until it is smooth and silky. (Make sure there are no chunks left!)

3. Pour it into a glass.

4. Stir and time to enjoy!

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