Zen Mornings and Energizing Matcha: A Perfect Blend for Adanola's Pilates Event

Zen Mornings and Energizing Matcha: A Perfect Blend for Adanola's Pilates Event

Welcome, matcha lovers and fitness enthusiasts alike, to an eventful morning at Adanola! Last Thursday we had the pleasure of serving three refreshing drinks featuring our prized Matcha Union matcha to the lovely guests at the Adanola event

Hosted at the One Hundred hotel in Shoreditch, this Adanola community event was full of vibrant fitness and wellness fun. Read on to find out all the details!

Before and after enjoying a Pilates class taught by the fabulous Bryony Deery with incredible views of London, our guests discovered our matcha bar, exploring a menu of three specially curated matcha drinks.

  • CLASSIC ICED MATCHA LATTE: Classic and cool for the summer, made with our Ceremonial Grade matcha. This popular drink was a favourite amongst our guests, giving them a healthy boost before the class and helping them to re-energise after. 
  • THE ADANOLA: A taste of the summer made with pink coconut water and our Ceremonial matcha for a sweet and refreshing experience. 
  • ENDLESS SUMMER: Inspired by Adanolas recent summer collection, this drink combined blue spirulina, vanilla and collagen powder - then topped with freshly whisked matcha. 

The day:

At 6:30 we arrived at the location, to a warm welcome by the amazing Adanola team. With lot's to organise we got started setting up our Matcha Union Bar. We arranged the drinks cups and prepared our supplies using our matcha bowl, bamboo whisk and scoop. We put up our menu Adanola and attached the Matcha bar banner. With our bar set up we were ready to go!

At 7:30 our guests started to arrive, we quickly got to work creating our matcha beverages. We carefully whisked the matcha until smooth and frothy and satisfyingly poured it in front of our guests. 

The response from our guests was incredible, they truly couldn't get enough of our matcha and even came back for more! It was a dream come true to serve our matcha at this event we couldn't be more happy with the feedback. 

Stay tuned for more exciting events and collaborations! We can't wait to see what we'll do next. 

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