Celebrating our Founder Louisa: 29 Questions on Her 29th Birthday!

Celebrating our Founder Louisa: 29 Questions on Her 29th Birthday!

Step into the World of Matcha Magic as We Unveil Louisa's Birthday Q&A! 🎉🍵

Hey Matcha Lovers!

Today, we're celebrating our founder, Louisa, on her 29th birthday! 🎂✨ To mark this special occasion, we asked her 29 fun and fabulous questions. From matcha favorites to personal moments, Louisa holds nothing back in this candid Q&A.

Want to know her all-time favorite matcha blend or her go-to comfort food? Curious about her dream travel destination or the best advice she'd give to her younger self? It's all here, and more!

But that's not all—we wanted to make this celebration even more magical with your help. We asked you, our dear Matcha Union community, to share your most creative question for Louisa. And you didn't disappoint! 💌

So, let's dive into the world of matcha magic and get to know the person behind it all. 

  1. Dream vacation destination? Patagonia
  2. Favorite hobby outside of work? Golf
  3. Ultimate comfort food that always makes you happy? Pasta
  4. Describe your perfect day. Sleep in, matcha, workout, brunch, stroll through the city, catching up with friends, dinner date and movie!
  5. Favorite Matcha Union product? Our Ritual Set
  6. Hot or iced matcha? Its seasonal!
  7. Most adventurous thing you've ever done? Skydiving
  8. Most valuable piece of advice you've received? Stop caring about what other people think!
  9. Three people, living or deceased, you'd invite to a dinner party? Jane Birkin, Kris Jenner, Grace Kelly
  10. Favourite way to unwind and de-stress? Going for a walk with a podcast, taking bath or a good massage. 
  11. Animal you'd be for a day? Leo of course!
  12. Favorite color? Baby Blue, Matcha Latte Green
  13. Mountains or Beach? Beach, but I do love mountains
  14. Matcha latte or traditional matcha tea? More of a latte kinda girl
  15. Go-to comfort food? Pasta or oatmeal
  16. Favorite season? Summer
  17. Early bird or night owl? Early Bird but a late one haha!
  18. Proudest achievement in life so far? Matcha Union!
  19. Matcha smoothie or matcha pancakes? Smoothie
  20. Favorite way to spend a lazy Sunday morning? Sleep in, matcha and picking up croissants from Cedric Grolet. 
  21. Special birthday tradition or ritual you have? Eat lots of cakes!!!
  22. Message for friends, family, and the Matcha Union community on your special day? I'm so so so grateful for all of you.
  23. Sweet or savory? Sweet all the way.
  24. Best matcha dessert you've ever tried? I am obsessed with the freeze-dried strawberries covered in matcha chocolate by Muji. 
  25. Your unique matcha ritual? 2/3 parts water, 1 heaped half teaspoon Ceremonial Grade Matcha, 1/3 part Oat Almond Milk frothed with 1 scoop of vanilla collagen
  26. Favorite flower? Peonies or Hydrangeas 
  27. Matcha in the morning or afternoon pick-me-up? Both!
  28. Describe your love for matcha? It makes me embrace life.
  29. Go-to matcha order at a cafe (besides Matcha Union, of course!)? Ceremonial grade matcha with a splash of oat milk. Simple.
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