Yana on business and beauty

Yana on business and beauty

We sat down with the female boss and founder of Brow Bar London to talk all things beauty and business. Read below for her tips on achieving the perfect brows, a work / life balance, and self-confidence.
MU: What is the mission of Brow Bar?

Y: The mission is to fine tune your already present beauty to achieve the most natural look possible. Brows are like the frame of your face which a lot of women underestimate-they can give your face a lift, enhance your eye colour and frame your eyes. Lashes on the other hand define your eye shape- they open up your eyes giving them a larger appearance or they can give you a 'cat eye' look depending on what you're into.

MU: Has the beauty industry changed since you started?

Y: Definitely; everyone wants to seem 'untouched' nowadays which is great for us because that was the initial goal of the brand we brought to the market after noticing a lack of options for a more 'organic' look.

MU: How do you balance your work/life balance as a business founder?

Y: When we first opened I wasn't very good at separating the two and since then I have learnt to always listen to my body, my routine might be different than what works for someone else. I always stick to my morning rituals which are pretty time consuming and the peak of my productivity is at night- I always reply to my emails, fix the schedule and plan my to do list during this time. Of course me and my phone are inseparable when I travel.

MU: What advice would you give to anyone to feel more confident in themselves and body?

Y: The magnificent feature of all women is that we are like flowers- all beautiful, rare- never underestimate yourself. Imperfections are what makes us unique. If you show yourself love and acknowledge how much work your body does for you, then an extra kilo on a scale won't change your day or life. If you feel pressured by social media then take a break from it! Start with meditation for your mind and nourish your body with clean eating, movement, and any personal ceremony you share with yourself; that's a true way to self acknowledge who you are and your worth.

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