Valentina on investing in yourself and self confidence

Valentina on investing in yourself and self confidence

Valentina Marzola is a certified empowerment coach and mindset mentor with the intention to help women build unshakable confidence and magnetize their dream lives. We are here today to speak with her on investing on yourself, reaching goals, and  finding self confidence.


MU: How did your journey start?

V: My journey started when I was diagnosed with panic disorder and chronic anxiety back in 2012. After healing from it, I started studying psychology and worked in different psychological fields before I turned my dream of becoming a life coach and having my own business into a reality.


MU: How do you invest in yourself? 

V: Time and energy are our greatest assets and the most valuable human resources, therefore investing in myself means taking time to educate myself, investing in courses/programs, mentors, coaches and healers that support me in my growth. I also invest a lot of time and energy in my wellbeing and health (ex. Naturopath, supplements, health tests, acupuncture, herbs, biohacking tools etc.) you can have the best mindset in the world but if your body lacks energy and vitality it’s hard to make those dreams a reality. I believe that health is wealth and me feeling at my best is fundamental for my business and my life as a coach and entrepreneur.


MU: How do you set and reach goals?

V: A lot of people forget how important goal setting is...I personally make sure that my goal is measurable and specific and that I have a very clear vision of where I want to go and how it will look like once I have achieved it. If the goal seems very big to me, I make sure to break it down into smaller steps. I then ask myself what is required of me to step into the version of me that has already achieved that goal. I then make sure to take the actionable steps as her! It’s super powerful work!


MU: What does confidence mean to you?

V: It means being in harmony with your authentic self and being brave enough to be unapologetically yourself. It’s taking your power back and taking up the space you deserve in this world without feeling the need to change your core essence for anything or anyone around you.


MU: Tips to feel more confident?

V: Do the inner work! Confidence is like a muscle, it can be trained and strengthened, but before working on where you want to be, it’s important to understand what is blocking you in the first place. Getting clear on what is making you feel insecure, where this might stem from and shedding light over your past conditioning, patterns and current beliefs is a game-changer when it comes to building a foundation of authentic and deep unshakeable confidence.

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