Roxie Nafousi on self-love, spiralling and staying motivated

Roxie Nafousi on self-love, spiralling and staying motivated

Roxie Nafousi is an Emotional Health Adviser, writer, qualified yoga teacher, ambassador for the Mental Health Foundationself love activist and Instagram Agony Aunt. Her commitment to transforming the lives of people who suffer with emotional and mental health issues, and helping them to fulfil their potential, has seen her become a well-known figure in the wellness world.  She has hosted self love and motivational workshops and events for major brands as well as being a regular speaker on wellness and mental health panels both in and outside the UK.

In honour of #MentalHealthAwareness Week, we chat with her about self-love, spiralling and staying motivated!


MU: Why is self love so important and where’s a good place to start? 

RN: Cultivating self love impacts every area of our lives: our relationships, our work, our commitment to self development and our overall wellbeing. It’s something so many of us struggle with. The best place to start is to begin to really become aware of your inner critic. Awareness is key. When you hear it speak, take a moment to pause and choose a new thought to replace it. It will feel uncomfortable at first but with practice it will really help you to build self esteem.

MU: What are your tips for keeping motivated and reaching your goals?

RN: Firstly, be really clear in your vision and sink into how it will feel when you reach the goal. That feeling will drive you. Then, accept that some days will not always be easy. Sometimes we just have to learn to sit in discomfort but know that it is for something greater. And then make yourself accountant and take responsibility, as sometimes we need reminding that we are in charge of the future we create.

"Take it slow, go at your own pace and protect your vibe"

MU: What is your advice for those feeling anxious about coming out of lockdown?

RN: Take it slow, go at your own pace and protect your vibe - don’t say yes to things you don’t want to do! Then when you can, feel the fear and do it anyway. Sometimes we just need to put ourselves out there to remember how good it feels to connect with people again, even if it feels a little daunting at first.

MU: How do you stop yourself spiralling when dealing with a difficult situation?

RN: Take a long walk, breathe, journal, have a bath! 


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