Naznin on content creation, work, and wellness

Naznin on content creation, work, and wellness

Naznin from @idressfortheapplause is a photographer, stylist, conceptual artist, and blogger, based all the way in India. The creative tells us what a typical work day is like for her, and her top tips for content creation, wellness, and matcha.


MU: What does a typical work day look like for you?

N: Being a freelance product photographer, I mostly work out of home. I start my day with a walk with my dogs followed by some hot chamomile tea where I take a moment to do nothing at all and just be. Post that, I look at the notes I made earlier about what I'm planning to shoot and order any props required for my concepts on that particular day. I have a light breakfast in the meanwhile and set up my gear. I begin my work and shoot endlessly for a couple of hours and take a break for lunch. I usually make a cold matcha latte to sip on while shooting and resume to work. I sometimes shoot and edit the same day depending on my work deadlines. I end shooting by 6pm and have some chai and relax with my furry friends. On days I'm required to shoot at night, my breakfast the next day turns into a brunch and I try to take it easy on work if possible to recover from the previous night's work stress.


MU: What advice would you give to aspiring content creators?

N: Identify what kind of work gets you out of bed everyday. Stick to it and be consistent in what you love doing. Don't be just a brand and people pleaser. Create purely for yourself, like no one's watching you. Be your own audience. Your tribe will slowly join in and stay with you.


MU: What are your top wellness tips?

N: Mental wellness is as important as physical wellness. For some, the former drives the latter and for others it's vice versa. If you're struggling, begin with whichever is easier for you. Be mindful of what goes into your body - have lots of greens, colourful veggies and fruits. Talk to a therapist or a reliable friend. Stay away from those who don't make you feel good. Be kind, pick up an activity that's selfless and helps others on a regular basis - humans, animals or environment. That helps you stay grounded and adds to your purpose of life.


MU: How do you make time and care for yourself whilst working?

N: On stressful days, I try to reward myself with something I love to eat - could be something as healthy as a smoothie bowl or as indulgent as a chocolate hazelnut croissant or an ice-cream sundae. Though not perfect at baking, I make granola or a pumpkin bread sometimes and enjoy while watching a movie or a vlog. I sleep on days I find it difficult to create. I light a fragrant candle, listen to music, water my plants. I enjoy a skincare routine at night - a peel, a mask or a gua-sha massage to pamper my skin a bit.


MU: What is your favourite way to drink matcha?

N: While I love the classic hot matcha, I'm enjoying it cold these days with some almond milk and honey. I sometimes also add half a banana, flax seeds and oats to it and enjoy it as breakfast.

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