Discovering Tcha: A Conversation with Joya Burda on Crafting a Unique Concept Store Experience

Discovering Tcha: A Conversation with Joya Burda on Crafting a Unique Concept Store Experience

Rooted in the vision of its founder, Tcha blossomed into a dynamic concept store. This is not just a retail space, it's a canvas where brands and artists paint their stories, and where visitors embark on a journey of discovery, expression, and community. Let's unravel the narrative of Tcha—a concept store that defies the ordinary and celebrates the extraordinary.

What is the story of Tcha? How did you start?

I started Tcha in January, right after the last lockdown in Switzerland. I wanted to be able to use my platform to showcase brands and artists that do not have the funding to show on their own, focusing on pieces that I myself like to be able to offer an insight into my own life. I happened to discuss my idea of a possible matcha pop up (in Gstaad) to the right person and she offered me her commercial space in Saanen for 4 days. The focus was on serving matcha drinks, but as the space was so big, I had to round up a group of friends/acquaintances who had brands to fill the space. That’s been my only pop up serving matcha as I quickly relieved I would need a bigger team to sell, host and serve matcha. From there I started doing pop ups in Switzerland as well as France, always working with a mix of local brands/artists and the brands already carried by Tcha.

How did you decide on the name “Tcha”? What is the connection with “matcha”?

Tcha originally comes from Tcha Ma, which is derived from Matcha, I didn’t love the name Tcha Ma, but as I was typing it into google to check availability, I had simply typed in Tcha by mistake, and the urban dictionary definition popped up for Tcha: Used as an exclamation of joy, or a variation of yes. And that’s how Tcha was named.

What is the process behind curating the brands you choose for your pop-up? How do you decide which brands and products to showcase?

Now that we have a permanent store in Berlin, I do want to keep the excitement and novelty of pop ups alive, so we have new products coming in weekly and new artists showcasing every 2 months. This allows me to continue sourcing and discovering new talents. At the end of the day I choose depending on how I like the product and how I get along with the creator.

We can find any product from apparel to glassware to snacks in your pop-ups. What is the common essence behind all these brands and products that makes them gather in the same room?

Wanting to better the world and society, is the common thread I would say between all the brands and products, also products that bring joy, be it childish or sexual, we’ve got you covered.

You have to travel all around the world to discover and put together different brands. How do you source them?

A lot of the time we get approached by new brands on social media, otherwise I source on big open markets and fairs. I also am very fortunate to be introduced to new artists and brands on a daily basis through friends, co-workers and friends of friends.

How did you decide to settle down in Berlin after having your pop-up in many different cities?

Honestly just the amount of brand opportunities and collaborations that started revealing themselves during the Berlin pop up, faster and more so then any of the other cities. Berlin is truly a no judgement zone city and they are so open to trying and experimenting with new fashion, entertainment etc. New works well in Berlin, different works well in Berlin and females supporting females thrives in Berlin.

Do you think your community is affected by this change? Now that you’re stable in Berlin, do you think it’s easier to have a solid community? How do you define the community of Tcha?

 I think it’s necessary to have roots and I see this store in Berlin as our roots, the store is part art gallery, retail and creative atelier, as I have a ceramic workspace and a jewellery atelier in the downstairs area of my space that are used by wit creatives affiliated with Tcha. The community we’re creating is one of endless imagination, support and possibility. We are a safe space for any and every expression of creativity.

What are your future plans and aspirations for Tcha? Do you have any upcoming plans?

 The future for Tcha is exciting, I’m shifting away from fashion and going more into interiors, both within the store and with my own collaborations. Now that we also sell olive oil and matcha, I’m intrigued by the opportunities that present themselves in the food industry. We recently started hosting educational and entertainment based workshops, I have always wanted an interactive aspect to Tcha, and I’m achieving that with these workshops. We’ve done etiquette, wine and holistic health is the next one we’re doing. Especially now that the colder months are approaching, people are looking for other ways to socialise and connect, I see a lot of demand for new and niche and I can incorporate that into the workshops.

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