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Interview: Shingi Rice

Interview: Shingi Rice

Shingi Rice, aka bluespit, is a London based self-taught fashion and portrait photographer of British - Zimbabwean origin. A true leader fighting for equality and cultural representation in the fashion industry and beyond she doesn't shy away from sharing her opinion through her work or voice! We uncover the soul capturer's passion, true meaning of life and favourite superfood!

MU: What are you passionate about?

SR: I am very passionate about equality, representation and well-being. My career is focused around documenting the underrepresented, so people of colour, black women, plus size individuals, the queer community, mature models and individuals with disabilities. I am also passionate about living with intention; being present is a very challenging mindset to achieve but devoting time yourself really helps you get there. We only have one life, so cherish it!

MU: What’s the most fulfilling part about what you do?

SR: Being able to show people the beauty that shines from within, making people aware of the power that lies within them and showing them that it’s not (only) about what we see on a surface level but on a deeper level.

MU: What title do you give this chapter in your life and why?

SR: Levelling up! I believe you can have multiple awakenings in life, I had my first after having open heart surgery at the age of 20. Now at nearly 28 (omg!!!) I am experiencing a deeper meaning to life and my purpose/mission in this lifetime.

MU: What does wellness mean to you?

SR: It means living life to the fullest, unlocking your best potential and living your best life.

MU: What is a wellness trend that you recently discovered and can’t live without?

SR: I must say it’s CBD. I have always known about the benefits of the hemp plant but only in recent years I have included CBD into my day to day life. It’s helped me with sleep, anxiety, menstrual pain and just getting an overall relaxed feeling.

MU: What or whom inspires you?

SR: Painful experiences, now I know that sounds a bit odd, right? But they inspire me to grow and to dig a little deeper. Inspires me to push harder and to be my best, courageous self.

MU: How do you stay balanced?

SR: I love to check in with myself and spend time journaling, I find it’s important to pause, and really look at life and check in with your state of mind and listen to oneself to understand oneself.  Reflecting, disconnecting to connect. Alone time is very important, be it in nature walking bare foot to ground yourself or simply jamming to music in the living room…! Eating the right foods because (gut) health is wealth. Surrounding myself with the right energies, be it friendships, relationships or anyone I chose to share my time with.

"I love to check in with myself and spend time journaling, I find it’s important to pause, and really look at life and check in with your state of mind and listen to oneself to understand oneself."

MU: What are your top 3 wellness tips?


1. Prayer/meditation

2. Being in nature and grounding myself

3. Practising yoga 

MU: If you could be any superfood which one would you be and why?

SR: Sea moss, it has EVERYTHING! Sea moss has 92 of the 110 minerals the body is made from!

MU: What’s your favourite MU product and how do you use it?

The matcha tea, I love it, I love how versatile it is and how it can be added to anything!


Photographs by @bluespit / @spitblue


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