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Interview: Higor Bastos

Interview: Higor Bastos

The Brazilian born photographer and creative director's holistic view on life inspired us to go deeper. While his photographs are featured in the fashion world by the likes of Dolce and Gabbana, Armani and Vogue, his inspiration and true self evolve in nature. He believes that we are co-creators of our own well-being within the universe. 

MU: What are you passionate about?

HB: At first, it can sound a little bit cheesy but here I go: I am passionate about life. What about life am I passionate about? The abundance of details in every single moment that we co-create with the Universe. Soon, I am passionate about living a life that I am appreciating all of these rich details in countless moments of my existence.

MU: What’s the most fulfilling part about what you do?

HB: It is definitely being able to not only appreciate but also recognize all of these details of life that I have just mentioned before. I am fulfilled about capturing these moments. It is a real fulfillment, let me tell you! Ha.

MU: What title do you give this chapter in your life and why?

HB: Most definitely “AWAKENING”. Since the day that I have decided to open my mind (and body) to the unknown, so many positive changes happened in my life. Consciousness became my number one topic of search and talks. It is amazing to get rid of the ego and embrace consciousness. By ego, I mean the way that we are raised as a society to be completely full of ourselves and not humble enough to acknowledge that we are not alone in the Universe.

MU: What does wellness mean to you?

HB: To be able to live a life of abundance and fulfillment. One depends on each other.

MU: What is a wellness trend that you recently discovered and can’t live without? 

HB: I open a huge smile on my face every single time that I talk about how we are progressing about Cannabidiol based products. I cannot live without my CBD-based products anymore and I sure associate my well-being with it. It is so good to have an open conversation about CBD these days after living for centuries of taboo related to this subject.

MU: What or who inspires you?

HB: I am easily inspired by moments that I once lived and I am also inspired by friends. I make myself surrounded by people that are always questioning the Universe. Clever questions inspire me.

MU: How do you stay balanced?

HB: I meditate every day. At some stage of my life, I saw myself consumed by stress and bad habits. I was feeding my body and soul with not only bad substances but also bad news. I have decided to learn how to meditate and since then everything changed. Or better… I have learned how to breathe. We have a false impression that we know how to breathe when we are actually doing this wrong from an early age. Breathing is the only way to keep yourself balanced.

"I have learned how to breathe. We have a false impression that we know how to breathe when we are actually doing this wrong from an early age. Breathing is the only way to keep yourself balanced."

MU: What are your top 3 wellness tips? 

1. Meditation/Breathing
2. Cannabidiol products (CBD)
3. Interaction with nature 
Acai Berry
MU: If you could be any superfood which one would you be and why?

HB: I would be an Açai Berry. First, because we both come from the same country, lol, and second because it’s delicious, cool, can be easily mixed with other fruits and, of course, fulfills you.

Photographs by @higorbastos


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