Stories are never created alone...

that’s why we at Matcha Union recognise the importance of creating harmonious unions. Whether the union is among friends, between ourselves and the world around us, or the union of matcha with water to create a vibrant froth. There is always more to it than just a cup of tea.

Modern life is all about constant ups and downs, rapidly changing situations that attempt to move us out of our groove. We noticed that with a little help from our green super elixir, you could find your groove back (think calm energy!) and be in tune with the inner you.

So come in and be part of the union.

Discover the what and how and feel free to ask us more!

Meet the founder

Hi, I am Louisa!

Keen to share the smooth, full-bodied taste of sustainably sourced Japanese Matcha and it’s plethora of health benefits on a wider scale, my goal is to place your wellbeing at the very core of this community and maybe see you swap your coffee for something slighter greener.

Recognising the value of taking five minutes out of your day to embrace into your ritual, a cup of nourishing and antioxidant rich Matcha might just be the simplest form of self care.

Want to know how? Let's make a matcha together! Schedule a time for a live matcha class with me via zoom! 

Make Matcha with Me!



  • CARE

    Let’s care for ourselves and everything else. At Matcha Union, our products are made in harmony with mother nature, taking what she provides and giving back what we receive. We are careful with how we work, leaving the least possible footprint wherever we go. Because we know that caring is the only way we can continue to share the goodness of nature and live happier, healthier and fulfilling lives, we are caring.


    Before your reliance comes our steadfast commitment. We are interested in building a lasting relationship with you and everybody we work with. To that end, we are committed to listen and learn, to communicate transparently and continually keep improving. We are committed to sourcing and using ingredients in the most natural way possible. Because we know commitment is the only way we can build strong ties with you and people we work with, we are committed.


    We are continually creating new ways for the new age. At Matcha Union, creativity permeates all that we do, from the way we manage our business to how we design our products. Part of being creative is to question the status quo frequently, this gives us the flexibility to move forward in  surprisingly new ways. We like keeping things natural and doing things with passion. Because we know to be creative is to be naturally human, we are creative.

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    We all come from one mother, Earth. And we are all nourished by the same source, The Sun. Which means we are all connected and in union with one another. To realise this interconnectedness between all living beings and things is to work together to create a positive change. In the end, what we do for others we do for ourselves. Let’s join forces. 


    Building a better future starts with living a better present. At Matcha Union, we apply this thought to every aspect of our lives and our jobs. Betterment is what drives us to improve and support everyone that wants to advance, from our teams to our suppliers and of course you. We are only as strong as the weakest link in the chain. So let’s make a better present so we can build a better future together. Let’s journey ahead.


    No matter what we do, we need to protect the place we all live in. And this principle underlies all our actions and our products. We strive to maximise our sustainability and minimise our carbon footprint, which means sourcing efficiently, reducing waste, recycling and teaming up with organisations that are trying to do the same. Let’s keep our planet healthy.

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