Matcha Soft Serve

Matcha Soft Serve

Satisfy your sweet tooth with a twist by trying our Matcha Soft Serve, a delectable blend of creamy vanilla ice cream and Matcha Union's Premium Matcha powder. This luxurious treat offers a harmonious balance of flavors and the added health benefits of antioxidant-rich matcha.



  1. Ensure your churning bowl is in the freezer overnight to be completely frozen and ready for action.
  2. Soften 2 cups of your chosen vanilla ice cream by stirring until it's smooth and pliable.
  3. Thoroughly mix in 2 scoops of Matcha Union's Premium Matcha powder into the softened ice cream.
  4. Take out the pre-frozen churning bowl from the freezer and assemble it with your ice cream maker's additional parts.
  5. Turn on the machine and carefully pour in the matcha-enriched ice cream mixture.
  6. Churn the mixture for roughly 10 minutes or until it firms up to a soft-serve consistency.
  7. Finally, dispense your luscious Matcha Soft Serve into your desired serving vessel, be it a bowl, cup, or cone.

Indulge without the guilt! Click here to shop Matcha Union's Premium Matcha powder and whip up this scrumptious soft serve at home.

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