Interview: Bobo Rok

Interview: Bobo Rok

Bobo Rok is a serial entrepreneur since the age of 16, passionate about art, fashion and people. She studied finance and applied mathematics at the London School of Economics in London, lived in Geneva, UK, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, Jakarta. The world is a playground for her to explore, discover, experiment, and meet inspiring individuals.

MU: What are you passionate about ?

BR: I am passionate about culture, and in particular Chinese culture: its roots and its relationship with modernity.

MU: What's the most fulfilling part about what you do ?

BR: The most fulfilling is for me to never repeat two times the same day. As an entrepreneur I am in constant progression, and everyday is a new challenge, or a new lesson.

MU: What titles do you give this chapter in our life and why ?

BR: "EXPLORING" - I think this period allows for lots of new discoveries. 

MU: What does wellness mean to you ?

BR: Breathing, eating, and applying happiness everyday. I believe wellness is first and foremost a state of mind.

"I believe wellness is first and foremost
a state of mind."

MU: What is a wellness trend that you have discovered recently and can't live without ?

BR: I don't know if it is a trend, but during the lockdown I spent much more time cooking than ever before. I used to love going to the restaurant, now I find nothing more satisfying (and healthy) than eating what I (or my partner) has cooked from raw ingredients to a full balanced meal.

MU: What or whom inspires you ?

BR: I try to be inspired everyday a little by a person I meet. I believe there is something to learn or to take from almost everyone. There is a Chinese proverb saying that, that I like to keep in mind: “三人行必有我师焉”

[Direct translate : If three of us are walking together, at least one of the other two is good enough to be my teacher. Meaning: there is always someone to learn from.]

MU: How do you stay balanced ?

BR: I get my energy and happiness from newness and discovery. To stay balanced I explore. I need this constant movement, because it is in movement that I truly find myself.

MU: What are your 3 wellness tips ?

BR: 1.Treat your body well. Eat healthy, sleep enough, excersise.

2.Treat your mind even better. Listen to your needs.

3.Most of all: Be happy. Do not seek pleasure, but happiness. Happiness is the most powerful way to keep you young and healthy.

MU: If you could be any superfood which one would you be and why ?

BR: Nuts. I eat a lot of them. Perfect snack, varied, tasty, and filled with good stuff.

MU: What’s your favourite MU product and how do you use it?

BR: The MU premium grade matcha! I use two teaspoons and blend it with a cup of coconut water, half a banana and half an avocado to supercharge my morning... also I like that it comes in a large tin.

Photographs by @bobo_rok

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